Another year bites the dust

As I sit here waiting for my potato gems to cook, I thought that I can no longer avoid the clutches of cyber communication and that now is the time to finally rejoin the world after my Christmas break (I have kinda enjoyed not having the internet, hence why I did not bother to re-connect until now).

As you probably know, myself and 3 friends went down to a festival just outside of Sydney over New Years (Peats Ridge Festival).
We left on Monday 27th December and took a couple of days to drive down, stopping at Port Macquarie for the night, as well as some other beautiful beaches along the way.
Luckily for us, the sun did not stop shining from the second day onwards (my amazing tan can prove this point) (seriously.. I never tan..).   

During the day it was really hot in the valley, so we all skidadled to the beach which made the trip even more pleasant than it would have been.
Unfortunately being the only girl on the journey had it's downfalls (i.e. not being able to chime in on most of the convocations, due to their subjects mainly being skating, surfing and women) which definitely got a bit tiring, and my self-esteem surely got the better of me but luckily on New Years Eve I made some new friends - the gayest men that ever did live + some lovely girls :).

The festival (which was the first festival I have attended) was great, phenomenal in fact, even despite the fact that I missed Shout Out Louds.  But to replace this feeling of regret, is the feeling of love that I gained.
That's right fella's.
I'm in love.

With the absolute dreamboat of a guitarist from Built to Spill (the other reason, other than Shout Out Louds that caused me to attend).

(taken from www.jacoblambert.blogspot.com)

I had to wonder, did my heart ever love until now?, when I saw him.
He is with out a doubt the most dreamy-mc-dreamy man I have ever laid eyes on.

Marry me Brett.

Here are some more of my mediocre photo's.

I'm still learning and I have no editing devices, so pleeeease don't judge my sweet skillz too much.

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