I did something incredible that I never thought I would ever do.
I feel so shocked and amazed at myself.

I bought a Go-Card.

My hate for Go-Cards all started with my local train station man Darren.
Darren was about 35, he was a bit rough, but had a lovely heart.
Every morning when I would walk up the steps and onto the platform he would yell out ‘G’day Beautiful’. I would usually find this creepy and unnerving, but he also knew what ticket I was going to buy without even asking (single, concession to Ares Rock), and would give me student prices, even though he knew damn well I wasn’t a student.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Go-Cards?
Well, let me elaborate..
I would buy my $1.90 ticket every morning (and if I didn’t have the right/any money, Darren would give me the ticket for free) and even though it was a single, I would use it all day.
So when these ‘fabulous’ new Go-Cards came in, I looked at the statistics and thought ‘me continuing my buy my paper ticket from Darren, even though they are 30% more expensive is still cheaper than buying a Go-Card’, so buy a Go-Card I did not.

It is only now, having to catch the bus and never having enough money for an Adult fare and then instead having to walk to work in the heat, that I have given into buying one.. although.. I did get Chloe to buy me a student one.

You may now be wondering if my stories ever have a point.
No.. No they do not.

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