I am exhausted.
Let me say again.. Ex-haus-ted!
I had a 4:30 wake up this morning due to me being a wonderful lady-friend.

And now I have absolutely crashed.
But more to the point, I fucking hate my job.
It brings me to tears – literally.. I cried before. Everyone went to lunch, like we do on Friday’s, but I was already out getting my lunch by myself, and Katherine called me on my mobile and said ‘where are you’ I said ‘getting lunch, I told you that’ she said ‘come back right away, I have a ‘meeting’ and everyone else is going to the pub for lunch’ but it just so happened that when I got into the office, Katherine’s ‘meeting’ had been cancelled so she then went to the pub as well because me being the slave that I am had to mind the phones.

And as usual when I stay in the office to eat my lunch I get calls interrupting and people asking me to do things.. MATE, I’M EATING, can’t it wait until I at least finish my lunch?

Stay strong.. only 14 days left.

We went and saw the cuuuuuuuuuutes kitty's today!!

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