I appreciate you

Guys, it's bed time.
But before I go I thought I would just give you all one more post to salivate over during the weekend just incase I don't post again.

Tonight has been a glorious night filled with smiles, old friends, much wine, new friends and late night you-tubeing with a great FB pal.

I read something in a magazine today whilst I was at the doctors called 'old lady advice' which I felt the need to post at some time or another, so why not now?

A lady (who is now in her 80's) said a brief (100 words) - 
'My husband and I had a great relationship, one day, I made him breakfast and lunch and said goodbye and he went to work and he never came home.. He died.'

This made me completely think - you can never tell someone that you love them too much and you should never leave an argument unsettled, because really, we never know when we could die.
I was watching this thing about September 11 not that long ago, and this man told the story of how his brother was in one of the towers and had tried calling him after the plane had hit, but the man was asleep and when he heard the phone ringing he thought 'leave me alone'.. but little did he know that that was the last time he would have spoken to his brother.

He missed that opportunity to talk to him one last time and tell him that he loved him and how great he was.

I think we should all take time out of our selfish, busy lives and always let people know what they mean to us.

I hope that you all take my advice.

Have a great weekend!

Love Chuck

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