Flowers grow taller, when standing in the sea

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to Monday.
Monday is a day of pain and torture, not because it’s a horrible day, but more so because the weekend is over.
I, myself, had a fantastic long weekend (it was long because I was sick on Friday so didn’t go to work).

So, Friday consisted of staying home and watching Scrubs, getting Grill’d with Kat (housemate), buying a broom and a washing tub and then in the night, visiting the Parsons Household for some delicious Mama Parson’s cooking.

Saturday, as I mentioned last week, I went to Movieworld with Hayden.
This too was a great day. Movieworld was not what I expected (I expected Dreamworld with giant Looney Tunes)
I did scream an awful lot though on the rides – especially the Superman rollercoaster.
At about 12:30, we left the theme park and went to the coast, which was the best decision I think we could have made.

On Sunday, not only my favourite day of the weekend, but this was particularly great, I got up early (6:30) and went to Byron with my family!
We had a breakfast BBQ on the beach and spent the day on the sand and in the water (my ridiculous sunburn can confirm this) before going to the pub/ice cream shop.
When we got home, I went to Jacobs for some great Charlie-Jacob smiling-filled-times (I would also like to point out, that this day last year was the first time Jacob appeared on my blog – creepy I remember, I know.. find the post here – even creepier is that when appearing in said post, I didn’t ever think he would appear on my blog again.. but unfortunately, he has become a plague).

As much as it pains me to be at work, especially when it is such a beautiful day outside, I know that this week will be filled with many more glorious times to look forward to.

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