Today so far

Part One
For any average person, this morning would have been more than a struggle to persuade themselves to get out of bed.
I on the other hand, being my abnormal self, have been barely sleeping as of late and found myself woken up by my body alarm at 5:30 (how my body alarm ever got set that early is beyond me).
After having a great night with Chloe and Meally last night, I woke up feeling a bit slow (damn you free bottles of wine and wedges!) and not really taking into consideration that if I carried on at the snail pace I was then currently going, I would in fact be late for work.

Part Two
Having not been home for more than about 2 hours (other than sleep) in about 2 weeks, my bedroom is really suffering the consequences with towels thrown over chairs, clothes set free from their usual orderly place in the cupboard, the contents of my bag sprawled across the room, shoeboxes (I have plenty of those) in piles on the floor, bed – unmade, desk littered with unopened mail and old train tickets (I refuse to get a go-card!). So, last night when I got home, everything that was on my bed (majority of what was mentioned) ended up on the floor. Therefore, this morning when I woke up, I thought to myself ‘Mum will most definitely yell at me less if I am late for work than she will if I don’t clean my room’, so clean my room I did.

Part Three
When it was time to get myself ready for the world, I wasn’t really that phased on what the final outcome would be.
Because today is a rainy day, I knew whatever I did to my hair would disintegrate the minute I walked out the door, so minimal effort was expelled.
I also thought today was more a day to dress for comfort and warmth than it was for looking good, so I picked up the woolen sweater I was wearing last night, sniffed it a little to see if it was still wearable, despite the fact that we got saturated on our way home. It was far from wearable, but I wore it anyway. Over top of the sweater I threw on my favorite ‘fat and comfortable’ dress (a digital printed silk oversized t-shirt), some leggings to keep my legs warm and some boots to stop the rain from wetting my toesies.

I may not have looked good/smelt, but boy I was comfortable/warm.

Part Four
As I got on the train, not only was it PACKED with people, but for the first time ever, there was not only one, but TWO cute boiz on the train!!
I don’t think I have ever seen someone good looking on the Ipswich line before (sorry Rob) and then the day I decide to go for comfort over style there are TWO OF THEM (I did however share a giggle with one, even though my shirt was dirty and creased, because we were both getting splattered by the rain leaking through the air-conditioning vents).

Part Five
Now, after a nutritious breakfast of Coco-Pops, I am ready to face the world.

Dispite how slow I feel, or how bad I look/smell this morning, it can't be anywhere close to how this young lass must be feeling.

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