How to Kill a Rabbit

To all the men and women of the world, let it be said.. we will never understand each other.

Try/Cry as we might, I don't think it is possible.
Women (the few women I know at least) wait around for the man, hoping to be whisked off their feet.
Wanting to be surprised on the odd occasion by the man turning up on their doorstep unannounced baring flowers or smarties.
Women hope that by saying 'I'm leaving' they will receive a response of 'Don't go'.
Where women can read each other's minds and catch on quickly to the emotions of others, men cannot.

Men, on the other hand (at least the few men I know), will not wait around for a woman, but instead are the go getters, having time for nothing except thinking of themselves and what fun they will have next.
They repay each gift received with a smile and a 'thank you' but nothing more.
When women say 'I'm leaving' men respond with 'I'll drive you'.

So here we find ourselves, men and women, continuing in this pointless, endless circle of ups and downs, where we can't bare to live without each other, but cannot stay sane when together.
A women will never understand a man, try as she might, just as a man will never understand a women.

In the (not so) rare contact that I have had with men, I have managed to gain absolutely no knowledge into a male brain, despite the fact that my Dad often tells me 'If he ignores you, it means he fancies you'.
What kind of sick and twisted game is that.
All I can say, is if this is true, I must be the most fancied person in the world.

(This picture felt appropriate, despite the fact I have posted it before)

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