It's that time of the year

I'm not talking about (insert something witty here), I'm talking about fashion week!
Although I don’t participate in Fashion Week in any way shape or form (as much as I would like to), it always brings be joy to log onto Style.com and see all of the marvellous new collections that are debuting themselves on the runway.

I think it is quite amazing how something that may be an extravagant idea to begin with (think John Galliano, practically every season – but particularly this one -, or Alexander McQueen who blew everyone’s socks off with this collection) but with months of planning and sewing and then changing and re-sewing and then changing and re-sewing some more, it all comes together . It costs millions of dollars for events that last a week, and collections that last a season, but if they are grand enough, possibly a lifetime (or at least a few years).

You may ponder, what is the point in spending so much time and money on something that is going to be out of fashion and re-started by the time the season has come to a close, this is when I step on their toes firmly and tell them that just like their calculator is important to them, having the latest frocks and socks is important to others.

These where my favorite from Carven S11
(When I posted them I just realised how similar they all where when the collection is relitively diverse.. Am I really that predictable??)

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