Is Two Too Many?.. Never

Okay, okay, okay, I know you have all been dying to find out what I have been up to this week.. well, let me fill you in on all the goss and glam.
So Monday through ‘til Wednesday I was at Straddy (as you all know), then on Thursday I just had a home day where Chloe came over (because we hadn’t seen enough of each other) and we watched Bright Star.

Thursday night I went to Jacobs because he came back from the snow and I was only too eager to see/kill him.

Friday I went to work and then on Friday night I went to a killer party (possibly one of the greatest parties I have been to) hosted by the lovely Hickling family in honor of Jack’s birthday.

Saturday I did my usual day-after-big-night standard and fell asleep in front of the TV, didn’t change my clothes or shower until early evening (and this was only done because I was going to Chloe’s and thought I should at least rid myself of my foul stench).
At Chloe’s we had an amazing Gossip Girl marathon (will Nate ever rid himself of Catherine??? Will he and Vanessa ever be together??? What will come of Blair and Chuck??? Will Serena ever start to walk like a normal person???) before pretty much passing out until late Sunday morning.

Sunday, my darling Mother and I went to the coast for the day.
We had a nice ‘girls day’ shopping at Marina Mirage where Mummy bought me a dress that will make all the 12-25 year old girls in the world jealous. I can’t wait to wear it, I would probably rather die than live without it.

Then, Sunday night, I watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl (sorry Chloe, I couldn’t help myself) because going down and joining my family for our traditional Sunday night TV dinner.

So.. All in all I would say a great weekend/week.
I did however unfortunately snap the film in my camera when I was trying to whined it, so therefore have lost all of the photographs I took from Straddy :(.
I do think however, that this will be a great week ahead!

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