2nd of Spring

Well, get out your matching beach ensemble, summer is on its way!
Today being the 2nd of spring (September), you can feel the air starting to heat, without making you sweat just by standing still.

Spring is my personal favourite.
It reminds me of having fun and doing fun things and smiling a lot.
It reminds me of lying on the floor of by bedroom reading my book or listening to music, sticking my feet out of the window/doors so they can bask in the glorious sunlight.

I love it when the sun doesn’t set until late so picnics and walks and going out can last longer.
I love that when it starts to get warmer, you can feel Christmas is just around the corner and that everyone (most people) aren’t hibernating in their bedrooms like they do in winter.

In fact, I think I am going to put it out there – I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about spring.
It’s warm enough to do the things you love, but it’s not hot enough that whilst doing said things, you are also creating enough moisture around the crevices of your body, to quench even the thirstiest man’s thirst.
You can go swimming, you can have barbeques, and the sun is always shining (most of the time).

Yep, spring is the one for me.

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