Well there's a fuck you with a slap to the face and an I don't care anymore

Today has been a pretty busy one.. although I haven’t really done that many constructive things.
This morning when I woke up I thought ‘I know, I’ll wear my favourite dress and pull my hair to the side as my fringe is getting a wee bit too long, so I will feel extra lovely today’. I fear this was a bad idea. Not only has everyone been staring at me – quite possibly because this dress, whilst being my favourite, also likes to ride up – but my fringe won’t stay at the side (it’s at that horrible not-short, not-long stage).
Ahh, the trials and tribulations of being a woman.

The good news is that I’m moving up in the world of architecture (not really) but I can think of myself as no longer ‘the receptionist’.

After copious amounts of discussion yesterday, I am making a ‘Laminex Sample’ dress for the office.
What’s this?’ you ask?
Well, it’s a dress made out of Laminex which is a material that they use on tabletops (like on the desks at school).
I’m pretty excited.. Danny is even going to get me a dress-making mannequin.
AND I am also going to be in charge of a new blog that we are creating!
I’m overly-super-excited for this one!!
Just think, now you can read about my amazing life and complaining on two different websites!

I know I re-use my pictures.

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