My cat still wets the bed

So today I have been thinking about happiness and the things that make you happy and, as I was eating egg and lettuce sandwich, I came to the following realisation:

We can’t control the bad things that happen in life, as much as we would like to or try to. There is always going to be bad things happening and we, as mere mortals, cannot stop that.
But, maybe it is our job to find great things and happiness amongst the bad things.
I don’t know that what I am trying to say will come out properly – it usually doesn’t. But I guess what I would like to explain is that even though sometimes it feels like nothing good is happening, there can always be more good than bad if you want there to be.

For example, today when I had said realisation I was thinking about something a shit-stain of a person had said to me which made me sad. This thought then lead me to think of another person which then lead me to think of something nice that other person had said to me, which then in turn made me smile and forget about what the jerk person had said to me and I felt instantly happier.

I guess what I am trying to say is, we can’t control the actions of others, or the actions of the world.. but we can control our reactions and our thoughts. And if we try to think positively (as hard as that can sometimes be) then things will turn around.

I know for me, I don’t feel I achieve anything in my job and I therefore gain no sense of accomplishment in anything I do, I have a minimal amount of friends, I have gross self esteem issues, I’ve had horrible luck with the men I meet.

But in happiness reality: Whilst I may not enjoy my job, I love the people that I work with (in both jobs) which makes coming to work pleasant, although I don’t have many friends, the friends that I do have and choose to spend time with are the greatest people who are worthy of even the Queens time (I believe), self esteem is something that I can gradually work on, and even though I have had horrible luck with men in the past, I currently have the most lovely gentleman around.

So, in conclusion, after having this realisation, I know I am going to try and test this method again and again until it never proves false and I suggest if there are any other melodramatic post-teenagers out there, you should do the same.

I’m quite sure that this didn’t really make sense at all, but I hope you will understand anyway.


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