It's Showtime!!

So, as you all know, on Saturday Jacob and I went to the Ekka.
Let me explain further (as I know you have all been super excited-waiting on the edge of your chairs for this post).

Anyway, on Saturday, Jacob and I went to the Ekka.
I caught the train to his place at 10:30, only to find that he had gone to pick me up, so I waited with his neighbour Whinette until he got home.
Elliot made us a meal of champions – Nachos – for lunch and we watched a brief TV show on their new HUGE TV.
At about 1:30pm we started on our merry way.

We were the lucky winners of free Ekka tickets, so did not have to pay to enter – which only made the experience all the more pleasant.
Once we arrived at the scene of the crime, we wandered around through all the different parts.
Jacob went and looked at the photo-exhibition part and I followed lovingly, we then for some beverages and carried on smiling.
After finding a map, we went and looked at the animals.
First the poultery – there were some crazy birds. ALSO their drinking water and food containers were old tuna cans that still had the sharp bit around them and so whenever they drank or ate they got hurt. This made me sad.

But not sad enough to stop me from being in a wondrous amount of awe at the cat show!!
The cat show was pretty much the reason we went to the Ekka.

I have never been the biggest fan of cats – in fact I hated cats. But after meeting Willow – Elliot’s cat that lives with Jacob, I have grown a deep admiration for them and alas must admit I prefer them to dogs (except Ruby).
After the cat show, we wondered around to the rides part. It was so amazing.. the rides looked so fun – we didn’t go on any though – and everyone looked like they were having a really great time.
After the rides we went and watched the wood chopping, which I thought was kind of boring but it was nice to sit down.
After the wood chopping we went to sideshow ally – show bag pavilion which was quite horrible, but show bags must be bought.

I know I haven’t done a great job a explaining how amazing it was – it was a long time ago and we didn’t really do much, other than have fun.

In summary, after my first real visit to the Ekka, I would like to tell you all that I am becoming a Gypsy!
No longer will I be bogged down by clothes that aren’t paisley, down to the ground and ultra-flowy.
No longer will I go without a scarf around my head.
No longer will I answer to anyone without money.
I shall live in a caravan and travel all over the world, totally care free.

These are some photo's I took with my Mums old film camera

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