Forgot your balls?

We are playing soccer today at work and I forgot my soccer gear!!
I was also late for work for the fourth time this week.

Tonight will be my first night at home since last Friday.. and I must admit, I am really looking forward to it.
This week I haven’t even had time to do small things like charge my iPod, let alone things like have a shower.
I think what I might do is watch a movie – which might mean going to the video store (unfortunately that guy doesn’t work there anymore AND I have an accumulating amount of fines that I am reluctant to pay) so this may not happen.

Paint my nails.
Update my iPod with the new CD’s I got last week (Nick Cave, Morrissey, The Kinks, Kings of Convenience).
HOPEFULLY prance around the house in my new Tristan Blair’s if they have arrived and take photos of them and do a MASSIVE blog rant about how amazing they are.
Clean my bedroom – it REALLY needs to be dusted – something I used to do every week, but now is a rare treat.
Possibly play dress-ups.
Suffocate my neighbours in their sleep and steal their shoes/jewellery.

Sounds like a pretty fine night if you ask me!

I think it’s deffinatly coffee time. Also, be prepared for ten million rants today.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2010 <3

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