Garage Sale

As you all know, Saturday was my infamous garage sale.. although it may not have been infamous enough – because nobody came (except two passers by who went to my school who bought 2 things, and another lady who bought a cup cake – although she is probably now dead). A bit dismal for 7 hours worth of sitting outside my garage.
At about 12:00 though, Jacob and I realised that it was unlikely anyone would show, so we put on Gypsy Kings, got a few bottles of wine and had ourselves a joyous old time with my younger brother Harry.
I actually had the best day – it probably would have been better if someone had showed up, but in hindsight, it’s probably a good thing that no one did.
After a while, we packed up shop, and walked down to Woolworths with Harry, picking up some smarties and a few more bottles of wine in our travels.

We then decided to go and see Toy Story 3 – GREAT move on our part.
This movie was actually the greatest movie I have seen in a long long time.
I’m not going to say too much for the few who still haven’t seen it, but it was AMAMZING.
And then when that finished, we walked across the Hale Street Bridge (The Go Between Bridge)! This was pretty cool, but then we had to walk to Milton station and we missed the last train, so we had to get a cab back to my house, and I slammed my thumbnail in the doorhandle, and now it is going purple.

It was probably about 1:30 when we got home and I went to get the key out of our secret hiding spot, AND IT WASN’T THERE, so we then had to scale all sides of the house, trying to find a way in, knocking on my brothers window, peeling the fly-screen off the doors, then eventually after we had pretty much given up hope, we rang my brothers friend who was LUCKILY with my brother (my brother doesn’t have a mobile anymore) who was LUCKILY at home, so he came and opened the door for us, so we were able to go to bed.

I kind of feel like watching Garden State.

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