It's Raining in Spain

My work desk – what once was kept in a neat and orderly manner, now looks like a two year olds craft station.
True to form, I haven’t done any work today, but instead have used it to do constructive things, like post on my blog, make things for my friends and wonder aimlessly around the streets of Brisbane.
I feel a reverse in the wind a’commin - I'm even thinking of deleting my facebook to propel this change.

Man, I am actually still salivating about how awesomely amazing the weekend was!
Saturday night was the bomb-digidy!!
Actually to be quite frank, so was Saturday day and Friday night!
And Sunday wasn’t that bad either.
I could go on talking about it for the rest of my life if I needed to.

But anyway..
I’m going seeing Jerkface tonight so hopefully there will be blood on my hands tomorrow.

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