I'm Baaaack!

Did ya miss me? Of course you did!
Incase you didn't catch on, I've been at our family's Lake House up the coast with my Mum for the past 3 days.
Although I don't really enjoy the lake, we did other fun things that made the trip worthwhile.

I wasn't originally going to go, but then on Thursday morning, my Mum persueded me, so I packed in a hurry and we were on our way.
I did driving too! (I still only have my learners, a million years later) - although we had a few miss-haps, one that involved swerving off the road, so Mum wouldn't let me drive anymore.

Anyway, on Thursday, before getting to the lake, we made a detour at Maleny and Montville.
I didn't really like Maleny, but Montville was LOVELY.
We took a look around the shops (they are so cute) and I bought a new fan - for those who don't know me at all - I get hot flushes often, especially in summer, so I carried a fan everywhere with me, until it broke.
It's the coolest fan you ever did see and I will post a photo pronto.

I also recently bought a new camera, so this trip was my first trip that I could photo-document.
I didn't take as many photographs as I'd like, and I'm really not being modest when I say I'm not very good - but practice makes perfect!

This was the view from the drive up

This was lunch! mmmm

Anyway, we once we left Montville, we carried onto the Lake House, where we sat back and relaxed before going to the pub for dinner.
When we got back from the pub, we put the heater on in my room and watched Educating Rita on my laptop before bed.
Sleeping was SUPER CREEPY.
Everything was creeking, I couldn't sleep at all, it was so quiet and then at one point I thought I heard someone running in the house, which freaked me out for the rest of the night, but it turns out my Mum dropped her book on the floor.
I think both of us slept for about 2 hours the entire night.

Next morning we work up bright at early and went to Noosa for the day.
(I drove)
Once in Noosa, we looked around the shops, I bought THE COOLEST Bum-bag, which I will be sure to post a photo of because it's the most amazing thing I have ever laid eyes on, then we had lunch and went for a walk along the board walk.
Here are some more ameture photos

It was the most glorious weather for the beach!
At night, we did much the same as we did the previous night.. I got slightly more sleep this time round though.

Then this morning, we went to the Eumundi Markets before coming home.
I'm not really a market person and I get really claustraphobic in crouds and I was anxious about other life events, so I didn't find this enjoyable.
But I did have a tear bringing strawberry milk with Mum in a nice coffee shop and we sat and watched the world go by.

Although I was reluctant to go at first, I think it was a good decision.
Getting out of Brisbane was something that I needed to do.. and I was talking about the future whilst drinking strawberry milk and the conclusion that we came to was that I'm going to try and move abroad within the next few weeks and/or months.
Get outta Brisbane, see the world, meet new people, the universe is my oyster.
(I'd already used world in that sentence so I thought Universe was more appropriate).

Anyway, that's all the news I have to report..
Back to the office on Monday- Joy!!

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