Friday Rain

For what started out as a horrible day, it was ended (nearly) quite nicely!
I came to work for the first time in a million years, and as usual no one had done anything for themselves so there was incomplete stuff from four weeks ago waiting for me to complete.

I got to go and pick up my Tristan Blair’s :D :D :D
The ones with the bows that I would rather die than live without!
I will most defiantly post a photograph (or five thousand) tonight or tomorrow!
They are the most glorious, wonderful, magnificent shoes the world has ever seen!

As well as that, we went out to lunch for Nuala’s last day, which was scrumptious!
As for the rest of the afternoon.. I have an hour or so left of work and then I hope to frolic about in the rain!
Possibly even kick my new camera into gear and take some photographs.. hopefully of old ladies.

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