Fish have feelings too

On a Monday morning, Coffee is the be all and end all of my existence.
I can go from being the world’s most horribly irrational person who would sooner start World War III than do any work, to slightly more calm, motivated employee, ready for working with a smile on my dial.
I haven’t had nearly enough sleep.
My coffee is also too hot to drink just yet.

It’s pretty amazing that we can drink something or eat something and we instantly feel slightly more sane.
Coffee, Green Tea, Energy Drinks (Red Bull / V), Berocca, Vitamin Tablets have all made it possible for us to live on minimal sleep and still be able to get by and complete things at a semi-reasonable level.
The make what was originally a day when you contemplated killing yourself into a day that is actually worth living.
So drink up Me’Harties.

Can I just put it out there again – I HAD A FUCKING AMAZING WEEKEND!
I literally didn’t stop smiling once.
I found this most unusual on Sunday especially – when I get hardly any sleep, like I did on Saturday, I turn into a mess of a human being with the emotional stability of a pregnant woman whose family has just died – but alas I kept myself together and had a lovely nap whilst watching Gosford Park.

It was yesterday afternoon, that I decided I would seize today and make it a positive and constructive day – both my bosses are away and I have barely any work to do, what greater time is there than to make something for my friend using office supplies or take extra long lunch breaks? – the sun is shining, the birds are out! There couldn’t be a better day to be happy.

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