The Conniving Three

For what I originally thought was going to be a stressful weekend - I can very happily report that it has been the best fucking weekend I have had in a couple of months!
I have been happy all weekend, but not just happy - hugely happy.
And the weekends not even over!!

On Friday night I went to Chloe's house for some fun times, which ended with cheery smiles and laughter

"There's no water in that cup, there's no water in that cup!!"

Then yesterday I went to the movies with my friend Hayden to see Get Him to the Greek, which was SO FUNNY! Which was then followed by a quick trip to the pub and amazing convosations about all kinds of things.  Hayden is one of those great people, that I don't see nearly enough, but when I do see him, it's as though no time has passed and we can talk about anything the wind throws at us.

Oh boy, I think this was the deal maker for the greatness of weekend.
For Ana's birthday, we went to Karaoke at Fat Louie's.
This is never a bad move.
I graced everyone's ears with my amazing singing voice and we jived the night away.
After karaoke, Chee's ID got misplaced by Fat Louie's, so we went back in store for groovy times as well as hilarious hang out's by the rat infested toilets.
A parctial slumber party was had at Jimi's after everyone had drunk way past their limit.
Then on the walk home this morning, Rowan and I got a much deserved Frozen Coke from McDonalds (not quite the same as a Slurpy, but it went down a treat) and now here I am, awaiting for Chloe to pick up her phone, in possibly the best mood I have been in, in a very long time.

This weekend really gave me some recollection of how amazingly fun things used to be and made me realize how stressed I have been lately.  I feel totally at peace with everything - it's possibly the greatest feeling.

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