19 things you may not have known about your pet goat

1. They were the first animals used by humans for milk
2. There are over 210 differant types of goats
3. Goats do not have teeth in their upper front jaw
4. Both male and female goats can have beards
5. They can be born with horns already formed
6. They do not like to get wet
7. Their heartrate is between 70 and 135 beats per minute
8. Goats are very social creatures
9. Their milk has higher calcium than cows milk
10. Goats meat is lower in fat
11. 12 000 year old paintings of goats have been found on the walls of caves in Europe
12. Goats are the cleanest animals
13. They are usually 17 - 42 inches tall
14. Early explorers used goat skin for wine bottles
15. They do not have tear ducts
16. The pupils in their eyes are rectangular
17. In earlier centuries (and the creepy family next door) goats were used to nurse babies
18. China has the most goats
19. Goats are herbivours

Note: some of these facts have been shortened, therefore making them untrue

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