I love the name Ingrid

Today I've been a-thinkin'.. am I shallow?
Not towards other people, but towards my everyday doings.
The amount of things I do per-day that make me happy (waiting outside people windows, stealing people's cats, just generally being creepy) are minimal, instead I find myself doing un-exciting, un-thought provoking things like FB stalking and watching movies.
I think I tend to always blame my laziness and overeating on being incredibly tired, but I think more than anything.. I am bored, both physically and intellectually therefore I find it hard to find the motivation to get up off my ass and do things I enjoy.

I don’t know weather that is shallowness or just general teenage-ness, but it seems pretty silly to do mediocre things that pass time instead of things that I enjoy, yet I'm not really sure how to break this hold that modern-day technology has over me.

mmm.. rant finished.

Here's another photo of my friend Farley.

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