Day 2 of life hating

It has gotten worse.
I didn't eat at all yesterday and then at 11 o'clock last night I tried eating a banana with panadol, I took two bites and it just came straight back up.
I feel like shit and due to my feeling like shit, I'm making other people feel like shit which is the last thing that I wanted to do, but I always manage to do so.
I ate some yogurt a moment ago thinking with all it's yogurty goodness it would cure my illness, but all it did was coat my tonsills and mouth in the horrible way that dairy does when you are sick.

I think that I would give all the money I will ever earn to just have 48 hours where I feel like I'm a real person and I don't have any ailments and I'm not sick and I can just be happy for the whole day.  I'm so sick of complaining all the time (she said whilst complaining).

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