My brothers an angel

I have a large amount of work to do, but I am so incredibly tired that I cannot concentrate.
I think that all of us (my brothers and I) are starting to fall apart after hearing that our parents won't be home for another week.
And we have also now run out of money, and we are living with a terrorist (my younger brother).
I am litterally stranded in stress city both in and out of the office, it's not fun.

Harry is not your average annoying little brother.
He is 14, he got expelled from BBC, if you didn't know him, you would think he had terrets, and on Friday night, he snuck out to get stoned in the park.
Try controlling that at night when the authority (my older brother) isn't home.

Just so you can gain a feel for just how tired I am - I have been typing this since I got in at 8:20am and it's now 9:12am.

If you know a trained assassin, please send them my way.

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