Hey there work, is it home time yet?

So yesterday begins the start of non-daylight savings time.
a.k.a the start of staying back an hour later.
a.k.a. the start of dying.
I must commend myself today though, I think I have done quite well.
I just thought I would quickly catch up with my now 14 followers - I know, I'm moving up in the world.

I feel like a change is in the air.
I want to change the lay out of my blog / maybe edit a few rants, but I am not computer savey enough yet to do so.
Maybe I might get spell check aswell.
I'm kind of sick of the way it looks - it feels really messy and horrible.
Here is something that will never be messy and horrible though -
Ahh Dolce, will you ever let me down?

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