Death to Chloe Parsons

We ordered in breakfast for work, and I ate more than I can handle and now I am falling asleep.
So another long weekend this weekend.
I feel like driving someone but alas, this cannot be.
I think my mum and I are going to drive down to the coast on Sunday morning for breakfast in an effort to get my licence in this lifetime.

I didn't post this yesterday, as I thought my feelings of the day wouldn't give this story justice.
But yesterday when I was at work, I answered the phone, and there was this man on the other end who could hardly speak any english, the line was really bad and this is how our convosation went:

Me: Hello, Billy Conolly fan club, Chuck the great speaking
Man: Oh hello, this is __ from _______________, your order from half hour ago is ready.
Me: Ah, what order was it?
Man: 6 bag of food and spring roll
Me: I don't think we ordered this, but I will just check with everyone else.
(put man on hold)
I then asked everyone if they had ordered the food and they said no, but we are willing to take it.
(picked up the phone)
Me: Are you there? We didn't order this food.
Man: I have your order ready
Me: I'm sorry, but we didn't order this food.
(pretty much this convosation went on for about 5 more minutes)
Me: I think you must have the wrong number
Man: Ohhh, wrong number, sorry.

All this time I was thinking what the shiznizzle is going on?
And I was asking everyone if they ordered food, everyone was listening blah blah blah, then about 3 minutes after I hung up from the man, I got another call

Me: Hello Billy Connolly Fan Club, Chuck the Great speaking
Bitchface: hahakdsjhflaksdhfahdsfkjhadklfhalkdjhfakdjhf (histerical laughter)
Me: Damn you Chloe, damn you Chloe to hell!

In case you didnt' follow.. I got prank called by Chloe with an iphone application.
Okay, I really didn't do this story justice.

But at least I am wearing my new and incredible shoes!

Here is a family photo taken last year at Christmas:

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