I feel like I have been left to die on a desert island.
I can see the vultures circling around my frail, body as I lie barely concious on the sand.

This day has litterally dragged on much longer than it needed to.
I still have 40 minutes left, and death would definatly be a nicer option.
I think the most usefull thing I have done all day was buy tim-tams for 'chocolate biscuit Tuesday' for everyone -most of which I ate.

The great thing is though.. I start back at my old job on Friday night (as a second job)!! I am super duper excited.
For those who don't know, I used to shovel human poo for a living.
I enjoyed it so much that they agreed to take me back (that wasn't sarcasum - it actually wasn't).
So anyway, now I will have a weekend job as well as a week job!
Hello pearls and diamonds and really nice shoes!

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