Tuesday 2:36pm

I am struggling through the day today..
Maybe because it is so beautiful outside and I'm stuck inside. It makes actually having to do work all the more harder.
I know it seems like I never do anything but web-surf all day, but sometimes I actually DO do work.. Occasionally is probably a more appropriate word.

Anyway, I was online shopping again today and I came accross the MOST amazing pair of Marni earings. I'm not an earing-wearer, infact I rarely wear stud earings, but I'm sure I could find a time and place to wear these.

Feel free to buy them for me, I really won't mind.

My bed got delievered yesterday and is all set up, if I have time, I will post some photographs tonight.

I just want to be outside.
I've been in a pretty foul mood the past few days, lethargic and lazy, my two least favorite feelings. But I feel like I could sing from the mountains today and I deffinatly think it's because of the turn of the weather. I'm even semi-inclined to go for a run. It probably won't happen though.

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