I'm on the biggest sugar high, maybe ever.
I've eaten a family bag of smarties, I just got new shoes, we are about to have cup cakes.
I'm so excited.
But I'm all by myself at the front of the office while everyone is out the back having fun a.k.a doing work.
But I bet I am having the most fun because I just got new shoes, and I went out for lunch and I came back and the parcel was waiting on my desk and I did a little squeal and unwrapped them and wore them around the office for a little while.. well I only was wearing one foot and then I had to go downstairs, so I thought I should change into my normal shoes.

I'm going to be the coolest person, maybe ever wearing these shoes.
They are like jesus in a shoe.
Maybe even Moses in a shoe too.

My eyes are having trouble focusing and it's hurting and I don't know why.
It's either because I've been at the computer all day, I'm not wearing my glassess OR I've had too much sugar.
Unlikely, you can never have too much sugar.

My fingers actually don't want to stop typing. EVER.
Well at least not untill we have cupcakes.
I can't want, I got chocolate and vanilla.

We are having them because Juan is going back to Chille to see his family/wait for his visa to re-spire.
I wasn't sure what the correct word there was, I wanted to say the opposite of expire.

I actually just want to keep eating these smarties forever.
My eyes are hurting and I keep moving, but they are so tasty and delicious.

But I only have four left. :(

I'm going to IKEA on the weekend.
I'm pretty excited
I think I could live forever in IKEA.

There was this guy, in America who lived in IKEA for 3 months as part of a reality TV show.
I wish I could do that.

I'm actually in hell at the moment that has been crossed with heaven.

I feeeeeel sick

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