10 of my favorite things to do that I didn't do this weekend

1. Ride a tiger
2. Go swimming in the sea
3. Get into a fight with a Mutant Ninja Turtle - oh wait, yes I did
4. Miss out on the tasty taste of smarties
5. Wait around outside someones house waiting for them to come home so I could peer in their window - this is more something to do on weekdays
6. Have my favorite breakfast of Blueberry bagel with Cinnamon Sugar
7. Have my favorite icecream on bubblegum and cookie dough
8. Strangle someone to death with a sock, put the body in the boot of my friends car, drive the car into the mountains and dig a 13 foot hole and bury it. Only for them later to be discovered by wolves
9. Read romantic poems with Billy Conoly
10. Play cards with my nan

But here's what I did do:
Last you heard of me was Friday night just before I went to the Haw and Booy art show.
Oh me oh my, it was UNBELIEVABLE. These guys are so talented everything was just amazing.
I have photo's, but my camera is outta battery + I don't know if I can upload them or is that copyright?
Saturday - I went and looked at a new place that I was thinking of moving into, watched new episode of skins (season 4, Freddie), then in the afternoon I hung out with my friends and then went to Emma's place for the evening.
Sunday - I went to the coolest place in Rocklea with these abandoned warehouse type things. It was so spooky/amazing. Then I had a much needed dip in the pool which resulted in sunburn on top of my existing sunburn. Then in the night, I went to Emma's place again for dinner before she moved to New Zeland this morning :(
And then it is back to Monday..
Back to work, back to school, back to hoping to be dead.
Luckily that's why God invented Smarties.

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