You may have wondered if I was dead.

Sorry to dissapoint, but I am not!
I have actually just been super duper busy, and I haven't really been home in the past 2 weeks and I've been posting from work.. Hence why my posts are so shit - not that they were actually good from home anyway - but don't you worry, you now have my full attention.
I had a spare hour before I go ICESKATING tonight, so I thought instead of ho-ing into the cupboard I would pay my 12 lovely followers a visit.
Okay, so.. I'm not sure how much I have told ya'll so sorry if I repeat myself. But here is some stuff that has happened over the past week or two.
1. My topshop shoes arrived!! (The black wedge boots)
2. I did the most amazing treasure hunt ever (I shall post photographs soon)
3. I made a new shirt
4. I got stuck in the park in the biggest storm ever at 12 o'clock in the morning with the creepiest man on earth
5. I got a new camera!
6. I'm going ice skating tonight! :D
7. I lost my tooth brush and then found it again
8. My brother turned 21
9. I made my bed for the first time in 5 years
10. I went to my nan's place
So that's about it..
The funniest thing happened when I was at my nans - I was getting ready for work and I was walking from the bathroom to my bedroom at her place and I'd just got out of the shower so I was only wearing a towel and nan said "that's a pretty dress"
me - Thanks Nan.
It was actually the funniest thing. Mum and I laughed about it for quite some time.

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