Monday, bloody Monday

The only thing worse than going to work on Monday morning, is going to work on Monday morning and realising that everyone is laughing at you because of your crazy dance moves and wild, drunked antics from Friday night.

Thankfully I am a great dancer, so this didn't happen to me.

Well, well, well.. How was everybody's weekend?
Today is the first day in about two weeks that have been home/gone home/stayed home without any 'hey lets do something' interuptions and oh boy is it lovely.

I had quite the exciting time at my work party on Friday, which ended in disaster (a.k.a vomit town) for almost everyone. I was fortunatly one of the luckier ones who escaped just before things got too messy.
Turns out it wasn't just me not looking forward to the embarrasment that may have occured when facing work collegues this morning.

On Saturday night, after a sweat-filled nap, I went to cubbyhole (the new clubhouse at rosies). It was fun, not as much dancing as I would have liked though.. doesn't compare to clubhouse AND has anyone else noticed how low low low the ceilings are?

Then, Sunday.. Valentines day, also known as the day you find many single virgins in their 40's hanging from their shower curtains.
I, however, resisted the temptation to do the same and instead went on a picnic.. maybe the greatest picnic of all time.. there was even some attempted kite flying involved aswell as some not-quite-cooked-extra-salty egg sandwiches that I made. I am good at few things, and cooking is deffinatly not one of those.

And now, here we are.. Monday
A day that must have been created to agonise those who like to have fun.
Thankfully however, once I'm done watching Desperate Housewives.. It will all be over.

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