I didn't even want to go iceskating anyway..

So here I am.. home for the second night in a row, life is great.
That wasn't sarcasum.

I can catch up on my skins episodes, read my book, start cutting my pattern for a dress I am making, tidy my room (maybe not), update my blog.. again, plan my outfit for tomorrow.
All the things I used to do before I had a life.

So now with all this spare time, I shall tell you a tale that I picked up on the seven seas.

I was watching I'm Not There the other day, it's a movie about Bob Dylan, but it's not really about Bob Dylan, but it kinda is and ANYWAY (Heath Ledger AND Cate Blanchet play Bob Dylan, Cate is maybe the most amazing person in the world)

These few scenes are maybe the most amazing scenes ever produced..
Maybe it's the music, maybe it's Charlotte Gainsburg (daughter of Jane Birkin), maybe it's the voice over that put my soul at ease, maybe it's all of these things, but I love love love it.

I was also maybe too obsessed with this song after I heard Cate Blanchett singing it. And I hate to say it, but I don't think Bobby is as good.

It is the greatest movie, it's hard to understand at first, so maybe do some research, but it's well worth the watch. I have always been a Bob Dylan fan, it's what we were brough up on, but this movie just made me fall even more in love.
Like My Pet Square once said, I still love Dylan

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