Wehehell what a crummy day I've had today!

It all started when I woke up sleepy at 5:45am to go to work. I was late for the train - probebly my own fault because I wondered around the house aimlessy for a bit too long - so I had to run to the station and then Darren (my local trainstation ticket man) wasn't there, so I had to pay adult fair instead of student fair ($3.90 for 2 zones). And then as I was boarding the train, I DROPPED MY PHONE and it went UNDERNEATH THE TRAIN. Seeing as it was a bad start to the morning and I wasn't in a good mood, I then started to get a little flustered and panicy. My phone.. my life.. was underneath a train.

Anyway, I started yelling to the train driver 'don't leave, my phone is under the train' so then he had to get these tong things and try to get it out, but he couldn't reach, so he got back in the train and drove off.

I then had to wait at the station and give the horrible lady who made me pay full fair my details, so I was late for work.. But I couldn't tell anyone I was late for work because my phone was on the tracks.

I couldn't jump on the tracks and get it, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS EASILY IN REACH, because it was 'risking my life'. So anyway, I went to work and had my toast. But then I had nothing to do, so time went really slowly.

When I got on the train home, I had to sit next to this really smelly man, and when I got off, I had to crawl over him to get out because he wouldn't stand up and let me out of the seat.

But then watched Seinfeld and had icecream and went to Chloe's house and had some drinks with everyone before they went out. So now I take that back.. it's not such a crummy day.

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