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I was watching this show last night on ABC / SBS, I can't remember which one, anyway, it was called 'The History of Rock'n'Roll'. It was really interesting (there was also a really interesting show after about how orka's a.k.a killer whales gang up on sperm wales a.k.a humpback whales and KILL THEM.. hence the name 'killer whale, because they are actually a type of dolphin.. Anyway, here is something I thought I would share.
House of the Rising Sun.. A song most commonly known by either Bob Dylan (1961) or The Animals (1964), was originally a broardside ballad that originated from around the 18th Century (although some people say it was an English Folk song from the 16th Century.

Here is a short list of people who have recorded this song:

Clarence Ashley and Gwen Foster - 1933
Roy Acuff - 1938
Woody Guthrie - 1941
Josh White - 1947 (released 1950)
Lead Belly - 1949
Glenn Yarbrough - 1957
Frankie Laine 1959
Joan Baez - 1960
Bob Dylan - 1961
Nina Simone - 1962
The Animals - 1964
Los Speakers - 1965
Frijid Pink - 1970
And I also think that the Stones did a version somewhere along the line.. I could be very wrong though.

PLUS on top of all those people, buskers and unknown artists are still performing it worldwide. I think it must be one of the most well known, and most recorded song EVER.

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