Let me share with you my night so far..

I got home from work, I ate dinner, I went to the video store, I watched a video with my family that was really funny, I came upstairs, had a shower, came back into my room.. and the baby gecko was back.
Even after I thought I chased it out of my room.. it managed to get back.
Picture this for some Tuesday night entertainment.. me having just had a shower comes into my bedroom, still wearing a towel, sees a gecko, squeals a little, gets up on a chair, tries to chase it away, gecko falls and runs towards me, squeals a little more, runs outside yelling help me help me, no one comes to help. Grap one of my shoe box lids (it pained me to do this but I was desperate) tries to trap the gecko inside the lid, but the gecko ran into a pile of material in the corner, runs outside again squealing until eventually someone takes notice.
Mum comes in, gets the gecko out. I start to hyperventilate.
May I put it out there that the gecko is a direct decendant to our friend the axolotl.
I'd rather tear our my jugular than be friends with one of these.

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