Oh Ma Gawd

Okay, I am really serious when I say this.. but if you have a spare half hour or so, I really really really reccomend watching this movie. It is so interesting, I just watched the whole 2 hours and I feel so incredibly inlightened. My friend showed me a bit of it the other day and I have been busting to watch the rest of it.It's called the Zeitgeist movie. It's all about similarities and myths surrounding different religions and the conspirices (that spelling was so off) about 9/11, World War I, II and the Veitnam war.It seriously blew my brain out of my head.
NOTE: You have to fast forward a little bit (13 minutes), when you get to the cartoony bit where 'god' is in the clouds with money, that's when to start watching. Even if you only watch a little tiny bit of it, I still reccomend to watch watch watch!!

P.S the embeded video wasn't working, so I just added the link.. Happy viewing!


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