I can't believe it's December already!

Today was another exciting, fun filled day.. I watched my usual Seinfeld and Frasier episodes on chanel 99 at 12 o'clock, and then I read the beginning of my new book and fell asleep. On the plus side however, we chose our family secret santa's today! I can't wait until Christmas! I'm going to get an advent calender tomorrow! My mum took me night driving as well tonight. That was the first time I have been night driving.. I still have another 68 hours to go untill I can get my licence though.

I also downloaded Nick and Norahs Infinate Playlist soundtrack today. A lot of the songs you would already know and love, but it really is an epic soundtrack. It has some greats like Band of Horses, We are Scientists, Devendra Banhart, Shout out Louds and many, many more.

It's also such a great movie, Michael Cera is in it, who I personally think is the greatest person in the world and Kat Dennings who played that weird gothic girl in Raise Your Voice.
I hired it from the video store and didn't return it for like a week, even though it was an overnighter.. I'm deffinatly not looking forward to paying off my fines.

I really reccommend you watch it!!
Anyway, I could go on rambeling forever, I'm waiting for my brother to get out of the shower so I can go to bed.

Sleep tight x

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