My brave adventure

I finally sucked it up, and got my lip pierced on Thursday after work. Thanks James for coming with me.
Because I didn't pre-warn Mum about what I was doing, she was needless to say a little shocked and angry when I got home, so without hesitation I went to Kristens place and watched master chef.
Then after work on Friday, I hurried home, got my clothes and took off again. I went over to Bek's house because she was having a few people over for a bonfire. It was here, that I had a crash with Sam, causing her to hit my newly pierced lip. Anyway, I woke up this morning and it was so swollen and incredibly sore!! So off I went, back to the Piercing Shop in the city to get it removed, not 48 hours after I got it done.
I figured I can always get it done again if I want. It was pretty exciting just having it in for that short time anyway, I felt pretty bad-ass.
It was also in for such a short amount of time that I don't even have a photo I can post up :(

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